Discover Adquio SCADA Server: the system you need

Adquio SCADA Server

At Adquio we work every day to meet the needs of our customers. In recent months, we have detected the need to get an SCADA system that allows us to control any type of installation locally or remotely in real time.

After a lot of work, today we present a new product of our ecosystem: Adquio SCADA SERVER.

Adquio SCADA Server provides the complementary qualities that the rest of our products do not offer.

Ready to learn everything you can do with our new product? Here we go!

Create SCADAs with all the features of a complete software.

With Adquio SCADA Server you can design any type of scenario without any limitation and totally open to your creativity. Any control, any shape, your own images, connected to your variables, whatever you want!

Controls one or more Adquio controllers.

With Adquio SCADA Server, you can define as many data sources as you need and use all of them simultaneously in your SCADA. Freedom and 0 limitations, all in one!

It works entirely in local.

SCADA Server is a product designed to work in your company, without the need for an internet connection. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy it within your IT infrastructure, always available to update it and adjust it to your needs.

Avoid subscriptions, single payment.

You’ll be tired of all current services being subscription-based, right? Adquio SCADA Server is not, when you buy it, you buy all its power, you buy a complete and finished product. Only, if you wish, you have an annual maintenance service that is totally optional and that entitles you to updates, improvements and direct support from our technicians.

Connect to any Adquio controller.

Adquio SCADA Server works with Adquio controllers via Modbus TCP. This gives you great refresh and response speed. In addition, it allows you to work not only with Adquio, but you can do it with any other controller that supports this protocol.

You only require a browser to use it.

When using a WEB interface, you do not need to install anything on your computer, just open a browser and point to the address of Adquio SCADA SERVER. That’s it, a simple and standard system but at the same time powerful and without restrictions of any kind.

Take advantage of all the versatility of Adquio controllers.

This SCADA is valid for any type of installation, from the control of lighting installations, to others of air conditioning, through industrial, or if you require it, all of them in a single SCADA.

Ready to meet Adquio SCADA Server? Do not hesitate to contact us to get to know it better.

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