Controllers in the Adquio Ecosystem

In this section you will find all our controller devices. When we say this, we mean that all of them have programming capabilities and can also function as controllers of different types of installation, and of course and simultaneously perform data collection work.

With this small index you will be able to decide which one is closest to your needs before selecting it to see all its information.

All of them have many characteristics in common that we will break down below, therefore you will not see all these characteristics in each controller, since they are common to all of them.

  • They are programmed in Javascript
  • WEB interface for local or remote programming
  • Modbus TCP, BACnet IP, MQTT and Casambi protocol.
  • Ability to connect with any of the other controllers in the ecosystem for teamwork.
  • They work as protocol and media converters between all the supported ones.

Next you will be able to see a small summary of their differences, and by clicking on them you will reach the complete file of the product.