Accessories and complements for the Adquio ecosystem

In this section you will find all the devices that usually accompany Adquio in different types of installations. Our partners usually ask us for complete solutions and above all validated by us, so everything you will find in this section is certified by Adquio and has proven its stability and good performance in several installations around the world.

We invite you to review it and if you are looking for any of these elements, contact us and we will supply it directly and quickly.

Lithernet Casambi Gateway

The most reliable and widely used device for Casambi installations with any number of networks. (1 device per network). It allows our controllers to communicate bidirectionally with Casambi networks entirely locally, without the need for an Internet connection.

    Industrial Switch      POE

Switch POE tsw100

Widely used in installations where POE devices are present, such as Lithernet Gateway or Adquio displays. It allows to provide Ethernet connectivity to these devices and simultaneously power them with electrical energy, using a single cable. DIN rail accessory included.

Router 4G, 3G, GPRS with Ethernet output

Industrial 4g router with Ethernet output. Provides reliable Internet connectivity and DHCP. Enables Adquio controllers to enjoy all connectivity services anywhere. Internal SIM card. Cable and antenna 4 included. DIN rail accessory included.

DALI Modbus RTU gateway

It allows Adquio controllers to easily control any number (between 1 and 120) of DALI networks. Each 485 port on your Adquio supports up to 30 of these gateways. Adquio pro, Lite and Mini have 4 ports 485. It has proven its long-term reliability in numerous installations.

        Power supply         24V 1,5A


High quality power supply for any of the Adquio controllers or expansions. Ideal to accompany a controller such as the Adquio Mini or Lite and some expansion.

        Power supply         24V 4,2A


High quality power supply for any of the Adquio controllers or expansions. Ideal to accompany one or more Adquio Pro controllers and various expansions.