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Controller programming software engineering service

Controller programming

If you have a project where Adquio fits you very well, but you do not have trained personnel to perform the programming of the controllers, we can do it for you, so that they will arrive ready to install. Only small changes will be necessary to adjust it to the reality of the installation, and you will have everything working.

To carry out this service, we will ask you for all the necessary documentation to be able to perform the programming work correctly. In this way, you will obtain a result adjusted to the client’s needs.

Our technicians have more than 10 years of experience in lighting, air conditioning and solar energy installations, among others. We love to enter new sectors where we can bring all the advantages of our controllers.

Design of control interfaces

We like attractive interfaces, although functionality is the most important thing, we should not neglect aesthetics as well. With Adquio control screens, their power and freedom of design, we can design for your customer any type of interface, adjusted to the millimeter to your needs.

This service combined with the previous one makes a complete combo, for a perfect experience. Following your client’s directives, we design the interface completely customized, with their logos, colors, aesthetic rules, etc. Remember that Adquio displays can have an automatic screensaver that displays any information when the display is not active.

We deliver the display configured and ready to install, you only have to power it and it will be working.

Interface design
Adquio SCADA design

Global control SCADA design

When your customer needs to control his building from a control room, or simply from a PC, you can offer him our SCADA service. This service allows you to centrally control all aspects of the installation: lighting, air conditioning, solar production, etc. Remember that Adquio SCADA Server can take data from several sources simultaneously.

The design of this SCADA interface is crucial to the success of the project, as in the previous case, functionality is the most important thing, but giving your client something aesthetically appealing is also a plus in your installation.

Our technicians can create a three-dimensional plan for you, placing on it all the indicators of the services involved. This will provide your customer with a pleasant and efficient user experience.

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