Development of control APPs

App development

Can you imagine being able to offer your customer an APP for any of their mobile devices? That this APP has been developed exactly to your needs and satisfies all the control needs of your installation?

Currently, this service is not offered by anyone else, therefore, your offer will be unique, i.e., you will have no competition.

At Adquio we offer this service, and we also adjust it exactly to the needs of your client, not only in functionality, but also in aesthetics.

We support all major mobile platforms, therefore, you can offer the service for both IOs and Android, for both phones and tablets.

Now, your customer will have all the control options available, both from physical screens anchored to the wall and on any of their mobile devices.

Here are some examples of these options.

Apps for

iPhone phones

iPhone 14 pro running Adquiio APP

Your customer can use his iPhone to control his installation, Adquio APPs are available for IOs. In this example iPhone 14 Pro

Apps for

Android phones

Galaxy 7 Pro running Adquio APP

Of course, if your customer has an Android phone, he will also be able to use it to control his installation. In this example Pixel 7 Pro

Apps for

iPad tablets

iPad pro running Adquio APP

Our applications also support iPad, and we adapt them to its resolution to get the most out of it, in this example iPad Pro.

Apps for

Android tablets

Galaxy Tab 7 pro running Adquio APP

Android tablets are also perfect for running Adquio APPs, in this example we have used a Galaxy Tab 7 Pro.

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