Complete control and safe study of all your facilities

Adquio Cloud is a web platform that allows you to get the most out of your facilities, with attractive historical graphics, remote control through SCADA, interactive and automatic reports, and also fully customizable to suit you.

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Organize all the information of your installation

You will be able to structure and standardize infinity of data in a friendly graphical environment in which to manage your organization.

adquio cloud organiza tus datos

Control of variables: from air conditioning systems, lighting, energy consumption, capacity management, air quality …

Control of energy indicators: consumption / occupation, consumption / production …

Statistical quality control: reports, correlations …

Functional analysis, predictions, capacity indices …

Control and manage your system remotely

You will be able to make decisions and manage your facilities anywhere in the world thanks to real-time supervision and control

You will have all the facilities and systems integrated in a single application, which allows global management and remote control to achieve fast and efficient management.

You will have a SCADA type display facilitating interaction with the installation

You will be able to see the data of your installation updated in real time

Connect safely to your facilities

Safe design that guarantees data collection and recording, avoiding external intrusions

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Communication under encrypted connections between facilities and servers

Use of roles associated with each user to manage the permissions of the different functionalities of the platform

Use of secure https protocol

Statistical quality management

You will have the latest generation tools to guarantee the quality of the results of the control, maintenance and management of the energy efficiency of your installation

Check the consumption and thermal comfort of your facilities

Detection and notification of system alarms

Uni and multivariate control charts

Identification and monitoring of energy efficiency indexes

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Tailored to your needs

You will enjoy the advantages of a customized platform for you

We will adapt the platform to suit your needs, deciding which components are necessary and which are not, as well as their arrangement in the application.

All the experience and knowledge of our team at your disposal

Our team of professionals will be able to help you wherever you are and at all levels, from design and installation to scientific data analysis, through management and maintenance.

Training videos of all the sections of Acquisition and Acquisition Cloud

Contents in constant evolution so that you are always up to date with the latest news and know how to use them

Support system through tickets, for a fast, effective and documented response.

Quick responses through WhatsApp from our website.