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How Adquio helps you with your Casambi installations

Adquio Ecosystem for Casambi

We love light, and as passionate technologists, we are committed to the latest technologies in this field, and this is Casambi. Casambi has been facilitating lighting installations for several years now, simplifying control processes and making installations cheaper by simplifying wiring.

Moreover, Casambi expands the previously known limits on DALI networks to 64 devices per network. We now have 250 in each of these networks.

The commissioning software greatly simplifies the work of setting up the networks and allows the network configuration to be completely flexible and modifiable, without any changes of any kind in the cabling.

Many manufacturers, integrators and partners worldwide have integrated Casambi products to enjoy these advantages and offer their customers the latest technology in lighting control.

Adquio has entered the Casambi world to help you in many of the facets that we can complement this wonderful technology, and in this page we will show you how we do it and what products we use for them.

Adquio Screens
Do your customers ask you for a device to directly control their lighting, without using a cell phone or tablet?

Adquio control screens for Casambi

At Adquio we have seen the need for many customers to have a dedicated control device for their lighting. Therefore, we have responded by creating a set of control screens. These displays are designed from the start for continuous and trouble-free operation, for this reason they do not have a battery and, depending on the model, have different power supply options.

In addition, there are different models for any sector, from commercial to industrial. Of course, they run Casambi’s standard software, always in its latest version.

Here you can see the options available to you until today.

Need more customization capabilities in your lighting control?

Control software to customize your customer's interface.

Many Casambi customers have already asked us for a simplified control interface that only includes the necessary controls and above all that does not allow any user to touch where they should not, especially if they place the screens in public places.

All Adquio displays are pre-installed with Casambi software and interface design software that allows you to design from scratch the control that your customer needs. These are all its characteristics:

  • Free design of the control interface, tailored to each installation.
  • Support for different user profiles, and PIN screen lock.
  • Screen saver support.
  • Coexistence with other Apps on the same screen.

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Cómo Adquio te ayuda en tus instalaciones Casambi
Do you need to control more than one Casambi network or run them synchronized?

Control any number of Casambi networks

If you have done any Casambi installation with several networks, you will know that going beyond one gets very complicated.

Adquio comes to help you in this, now you can configure all your Casambi networks independently, and use Adquio to synchronize or command them all. And this is true, from 2 Casambi networks to hundreds of them working in a unified way.

For this purpose, the Adquio Ecosystem offers different control alternatives, depending on the number of networks and how populated they are.

Below you can see the different options we provide you with:

Is your customer asking for local control software for his entire lighting system?

Adquio SCADA Server, global local control for your Casambi installations

Adquio SCADA Server is your solution for local control of your Casambi installations, no matter the number of networks to be controlled.

Through Adquio SCADA Server and its web interface, your customer can access the local control of all the Casambi, DALI, etc, lighting in his entire building, regardless of the number of networks or the number of devices installed.

When your customer is particularly security-sensitive, this is the perfect solution, as it runs entirely on the customer’s network and does not need an Internet connection to function.

Adquio SCADA Server allows you to design for your customer Casambi, a nice and powerful interface to manage all your lighting.

Do you need a custom remote control for one or more Casambi installations?

Adquio SCADA Cloud, central remote control for all your customer's buildings

Adquio SCADA Cloud is your global remote monitoring and control software for your Casambi networks. With the same features as its brother Adquio SCADA Server, you can fully customize the control of your installation.

You can upload plans or 3D images, place the controls on them and interact with the installations in a natural way, being able to visualize the feedback of your lighting system on your plan.

The perfect solution if your customer needs a global control system running in the cloud that allows them to centralize the monitoring and control of all lighting systems in all their buildings.

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Special thanks to Matheus Bertelli for providing us with the wonderful photos on this page.