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Adquio Screens Update

In the Adquio Ecosystem we already have a wide range of products, organized in different categories to satisfy all your needs.

Our products include:

  • Adquio controllers: The backbone that ties the whole system together.
  • Expansions: Enhances and extends the capabilities of the controllers.
  • Wired and wireless probes: Accuracy and versatility in measurement.
  • Control screens: Intuitive and visual interaction.
  • Adquio SCADA and Adquio Cloud BMS Software: Management and control from anywhere.

Today we will focus on our Adquio Control Displays. As you know, we have several models that adapt to different sectors, whether industrial, commercial or residential. Recently, we upgraded our 10″ display to Android 12, improving not only its operating system, but also other key features. These advances usually involve a change in the processor, which in turn requires a complete redesign of the motherboards.

Exciting News: Upgrade to Android 13!

Today’s big news is even more exciting! We are working to upgrade ALL our screens to Android 12/13. We expect to begin presenting these improved versions upon return from the summer vacations.

What does this mean to you?

  • Improved Performance: Our displays will be faster and more efficient. In many cases, we also improve their specifications.
  • Advanced Compatibility: Seamless integration with the latest applications, such as the Casambi APP.

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Don’t miss our next news. This update is a further step in our commitment to continuous innovation and product improvement.

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