Your Virtual Programable Controller

Adquio Link

Imagine a programmable controller that can power your BMS, but without the need to install anything in your company.


Adquio link is exactly that, a programmable controller that runs on our cloud servers. This allows you to use the same interface that you already know from the entire family of Adquio controllers, without the need for any physical device.


This type of controller is very useful when the data sources that feed it are accessible from the internet, therefore it is not necessary for the controller to be physically in the client’s location.


In addition, this virtual controller allows us to adjust its power according to your needs, something that is impossible with a physical device.


This saves you expenses on the initial purchase and subsequent maintenance


Only available for USA market.


Maximum flexibility

As you know Adquio Pro, Lite and Mini can work with thousands of variables. When selecting the Adquio Link solution, you can indicate the number of variables you are going to manage and thus adjust the cost of the device to the objective reality of your installation.


This happens because, unlike the physical versions of Adquio that have very high but equally limited resources, Adquio Link enjoys all the flexibility of running on a server with adaptable resources, therefore the limitations of the physical Adquio disappear.


Therefore you will have several options when choosing the power of your Acquio link, you can see them on the right.

acquired cloud presentation

Adquio Cloud

All our Adquio models are accompanied by a subscription to Adquio Cloud, the cloud platform that provides you with: Quality statistical graphics, remote control, Scadas and reports of all your facilities, and all this remotely, easily and safely.