Security in the connections between Adquio controllers

Adquio Security

We live in a world of constantly evolving technology, where efficiency and flexibility are key to the success of any facility control system. In a previous post, we explored Adquio’s unique ability to adapt to any size installation, providing unparalleled flexibility through tree structures and adaptive control levels. Now, we will delve into the heart of this innovation: the connection between controllers and how Adquio redefines efficiency and safety in this crucial aspect.

Unbreakable Security: A Proprietary Protocol

Communications security is a priority for Adquio. Instead of relying on standard protocols that could present vulnerabilities, Adquio has developed its own highly efficient protocol. This protocol not only guarantees efficient transmission, but also incorporates a 128-bit AES asymmetric encryption layer. This security measure ensures that even if communications are intercepted, the content remains completely incomprehensible to unauthorized third parties.

Efficient Remote Connection: Fiber Optics and More

In most cases, Adquio’s controllers are located in distant control panels. This is where the network cabling and switch infrastructure plays a key role. Using the existing network in the building, a separate and isolated network is created for control traffic, assigning a dedicated VLAN for this purpose.

When the distance between controllers exceeds 100 meters, fiber optic technology comes into play. This solution not only enables long-distance connections, but also stands out for its reliability and efficiency. With the simple incorporation of two transceivers for wiring conversion, this ensures a solid, secure and fast connection.

Interbuilding Connections: A Leap into the Future

For installations that span multiple buildings in close proximity, Adquio relies on dedicated high-bandwidth radio equipment. This strategy enables robust, high-performance connectivity, paving the way to unlimited interconnectivity.

Industry Confidence: Associations Speaking Out

Partners have complete confidence in Adquio for any type of installation, and there are solid reasons behind this confidence. Meticulous attention to detail, adaptability to any environment and comprehensive security at every stage of the process make Adquio a natural choice for those looking for a complete, scalable and, above all, secure control system.

In conclusion, Adquio not only redefines flexibility in control systems, but also sets a higher standard in efficiency and safety in the connection between controllers. This comprehensive approach to innovation positions Adquio as an undisputed leader in the field, paving the way for a future where efficiency and safety go hand in hand.

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