Adquio Screen HMI ExampleAdvantages of Adquio displays/HMI

As you already know, Adquio displays(including all models) have a design software that allows you to fully develop a specific interface for your customer, adjusting it 100% to their needs, both in functionality and aesthetic design.

There are several important points that the software must fulfill, not only to cover the needs, but also to provide security and functionality features that in the end also end up being important.

What features stand out in our software:

  1. Possibility to design screens with controls, but only accessible by certain people with a profile, for example administrator. With them, you can design an interface with different views, one or more of them visible to anyone, without the need for credentials, but equally, you can design others, only for maintenance personnel or administrators of the installation, where for example, they can change operating parameters, command directly any parameter of the installation, in general any aspect not accessible to the general public. You decide, at the time of design, which options will be available to one group of users and which will be available to others. This is not limited, you can create as many users or access profiles as you need. This makes our screens a very suitable device for any type of installation, where safety is an important aspect.
    Adquio Screen Permissions
  2. Screen saver integrated in the HMI itself. This allows you not to depend on the system software, and to manage first hand how this screensaver should behave. You can select the images to be displayed, you can select the dwell time of each image, and if you wish, you can even put useful data for the users on this idle screen.Screensaver example Adquio Screen
  3. Possibility of coexistence with other software on the same screen. Our HMI can work seamlessly, both in the foreground and in the background, you decide whether the controls are still refreshed, even if the different dresses are not visible. When you go back to our HMI, you will see that it continues to function normally.
  4. Possibility of integration with any system. Not only can you control DALI, Casambi (via API or local), or traditional lighting installations, but additionally, you can manage the building’s climate, or even systems such as the alarm, or access.

As you can see, with Adquio Screen and Adquio Industrial Screen we continue to offer you one of the best solutions for direct control of your installations.



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