Introducing Adquio Cloud AI

Introducing Adquio Cloud AI

Your company evolves and there comes a time when your needs change, you already have centralized control of your facilities, but you need to dedicate many resources to monitoring them. A control room staffed 24 hours a day, supervising all systems.

Until now, Adquio Cloud BMS has allowed you all this, it provides you with all the data of your facilities in real time, lighting, air conditioning, electrical consumption, etc. You have friendly graphics, it allows you to study the information, and above all, it allows you to see when there is a problem and where it can come from, etc.

All this is perfect and you like it, but it requires a person to be permanently doing the monitoring work, if you don’t have this person, it simply helps you to see why something has happened, but when you can no longer do anything to remedy it.

We are not only talking about problems, but we are also applying it to energy consumption. Do you wonder why you have spent more this month?

Having dedicated control personnel to monitor your facilities is an expense that few companies can afford. What if you could hire a service that does this same job, but without the need for human intervention?

Adquio Cloud has evolved and is now Adquio Cloud AI , what does this mean? We have included artificial intelligence in our BMS platform . This intelligence can be trained to monitor each and every one of the relevant values of your installation and notify you if it detects any anomaly.

Essentially, it can do the same thing as a control room that notifies the appropriate maintenance service when something happens, and especially when something is starting to happen. Our system can detect abnormal consumption, device failures, abnormal operations, etc. You can immediately notify maintenance, just what a traditional control room would do.

Now, you no longer need to be a large company with many resources to be able to dedicate part of them to monitoring your systems. Now, you have Adquio Cloud AI and with it, you monitor your installations, no matter how small, as if you were a large company. Above all, you can do it because now you can afford the cost of that service. Monitor your company as if you had your own control room!

Adquio Cloud AI makes it easy for you, you can afford it, and you know you need it to keep your company in tip-top shape, and all your facilities running at 100% over time. Better for you, better for your customers, in short much better for your business.

As you can see, we continue to innovate, this time with a great novelty and a GREAT product , applicable to any type of installation. We offer you much more than until now, and this does not end here, you know that we will continue to do so and present you with news that every day offer you better, easier, and more accessible services.

If you want to find out more about this great novelty, you can contact us using our contact form .




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