Kumux will use AdquioKumux will use Adquio

Today we are pleased to announce that Kumux will use Adquo as a gateway. This will allow them to connect with lighting standards such as Casambi or DALI. Kumux is responsible for the design and creation of a sophisticated and innovative lighting control system.

Kumux is a company that works to create healthier and more efficient buildings, through its lighting control service. With their technology, they transform artificial light in order to obtain the benefits of natural light, improving productivity, concentration, health and user experience, in different types of spaces. At the same time, of course, it allows energy savings.

Thanks to the flexibility of Adquio with its JavaScript programming language, Kumux will be able to make a driver that communicates the installations of the clients with its API, and in this way, get an entire installation to react to the commands that your software generates throughout the day, to adapt the lighting to the changing circumstances of the external environment.

We are very happy that Kumux has chosen Adquio to communicate with the world of lighting standards and continue to work to complete many innovative installations.

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