New customized engineering service for your installations.

New customized engineering service for your installations

New customized engineering service for your installations.

At Adquio we work every day to meet the needs of our customers. On many occasions we have seen how our products were a perfect fit, but there was no team on the customer’s side that could manage two important branches:

Documentation of all installation requirements.

Documentation of the installation requirements is a very important part of any project and is crucial for good results. Therefore, our engineers take all the requirements and use them as a basis for project development.

These requirements are validated with the customer before starting work. When the customer validates them, they are then closed and delivered to the customer.

The development and documentation for didactic purposes of all programming carried out.

In this part, we explain in detail everything that has been done in order to serve as an example for future installations. In this way, customers from the first or second installation could already be self-employed. Additionally, you will always find our online training and support system available.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in control in the sectors of lighting, air conditioning, industrial processes, and more recently, in Casambi installations.

We have decided to present this service as a public one, since we know that nowadays there are still many companies that demand to outsource this work.

So, after all this we have just told you, how can we help you? Pay attention, we will tell you about it below:

How we generate value at Adquio

We analyze control needs

What do we mean by this? For the sizing of controllers, expansions, and installation architecture. Based on the supplied control points, we provide you with the best solution for your needs.

We develop control software for any of the Adquio controllers.

Using the latest JavaScript programming technologies, we offer you clear, documented and error-free programming.

We perform the integration with external devices.

Through buses (documentation from the device manufacturer is required), we integrate all your lighting, climate, gateways, etc. devices.

We design interfaces for Adquio Screen.

Based on the customer’s control requirements, we design the necessary control interfaces so that you can manage all aspects of the installation from an Adquio screen. Remember, this control can be done at various levels, from a single room to an entire building.

We design SCADA for global control.

With our new Adquio SCADA Server, you can control complete installations interactively from any device with a browser.

We provide you with the design of this SCADA based on the documentation provided by the customer.

As you can see, with this new service we make everything easier. If you want to perform the programming work of your Adquio controllers, you can do it using all our help, documentation, and support service. If, on the other hand, you cannot or do not want to do this work, we do it for you, and logically we do it with all the guarantee of the manufacturer of the devices.

We hope that this new service will be very useful to you, and above all, that it will increase your competitiveness when undertaking new projects with your clients. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information!

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