New product category in the Adquio Ecosystem

Sensors in the Adquio Ecosystem

Today is a great day for us, as we are going to present you something we have been working on for the last few months, it is a new product category that come to complement our ecosystem, it is about a whole new range of probes of all kinds, all of them built to be compatible with Adquio, but always using standard protocols to be used with other brands of controllers as well. In the coming weeks we will be presenting each of them in depth, but we anticipate that we will have all connectivity technologies, from analog connections to connections with the latest LoRa radio technology. This technology will allow you to place probes throughout a building without the need for repeaters or bus cables.

This will allow you to offer your customers other options without leaving our ecosystem.

Don’t miss the next publications that will start this week.

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