New section dedicated to Adquio Cloud AI

New secction dedicated to Adquio Cloud AI

New section dedicated to Adquio Cloud AI

Today we are pleased to present you a new section on our website, dedicated especially to Adquio Cloud AI, as you already know we have just launched a new and spectacular function in our BMS, which allows you to continuously monitor your facilities, without the need for a person do this job. Now with our AI (Artificial Intelligence), incorporated in Adquio Cloud, all this is offered to you unattended, and therefore, at a much lower cost than its equivalent without the need to maintain a control room.

On this page you will find sections in which we will explain what Adquio Cloud AI is, what it offers you, how it works, how it benefits you, how Adquio Cloud AI and Adquio Cloud differ, and lastly, how it is billed.

You can find it by clicking on the Cloud option in the main menu of

We invite you to visit our new section and see everything that this new product of our Adquio ecosystem offers.


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