Susaeta iluminación, new  Adquio partner

Susaeta Iluminación, new Adquio partner

We are pleased to welcome Susaeta Iluminación to the Adquio ecosystem. With over 60 years of experience in the lighting sector and a constant evolution towards excellence, Susaeta Iluminación has stood out as a national benchmark for its dedication to both indoor and outdoor lighting and its comprehensive approach to lighting projects and consulting. The […]

Adquio and the dynamic lighting

Adquio and dynamic lighting.

In previous posts, we have told you about how Adquio supports and manages dynamic building lighting. But today, we bring you something even more special: a video where you can see how Adquio adapts the lighting to the structural changes of the building with a simple click! We hope you enjoy this video as much […]

The Reliability of Adquio Screens

The Reliability of Adquio Screens

Since their launch in June 2022, our Adquio 10-inch displays have proven to be a reliable and high-quality choice for our partners. With an impressive 98.26% reliability, these displays have earned the trust of our customers and continue to exceed expectations. Two Years of Proven Reliability In the last two years, we have distributed 230 […]

Adquio Screen 10" upgraded

Our 10.1″ Control Screens Evolve

Hello! At Adquio, we are always focused on the continuous improvement of our products and services to bring you the best in technology and functionality. Today we bring you exciting news: we have upgraded our most popular control display, the 10.1″. Reliability and Versatility, Now Enhanced To date, these displays have proven their reliability and […]


Configuration for Crompton* DRS-100-3P-MOD

We continue adding the configuration of different devices that will help you to avoid having to do it manually, if you use this device you can copy and paste the configuration that we leave below. Thank you Eduardo from Impelsa for sharing your work with us. { “code”: “DRS-100-3P-MOD_1”, “disabled”: false, “instance”: “Puerto1_R485”, “modbusSlave”: “1”, […]

Luceled-Adquio Partnership

Luceled Pro Srl, Adquio’s new partner in Italy

Luceled Pro Srl arrives as a dynamic company that offers integrated lighting solutions to various sectors, from residential and commercial construction to the field of technological design. It specializes in offering solutions, services, and products in the residential and commercial construction sector, as well as technological systems integration, consulting, technical assistance and renovations. Its commitment […]