Achievements and Partnerships that will set Adquio’s direction in 2024

Eduardo Morales en La Coruña

This past week has witnessed momentous moments for Adquio, defining the path it will follow throughout this exciting year 2024. The arrival of the first prototypes of one of our upcoming launches has filled our headquarters with enthusiasm and expectation. Although still in the development phase, the receipt of these prototypes marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards innovation.

This upcoming launch is not simply about a product; it is a collection of proposals that we are eager to share with you over the coming months. Stay tuned to discover how these innovations will change the way we interact with technology in our daily lives.

On the other hand, we feel honored to have received the visit of an exceptional collaborator and friend, Eduardo Morales, our partner in Guatemala.

Eduardo demonstrated his commitment by traveling from Guatemala to Finland to obtain Casambi’s coveted 4C certification. We would like to congratulate you on this significant achievement, which reflects your dedication and passion for excellence in the field of lighting technologies.

Eduardo took the opportunity to visit the prestigious Light and Building fair in Frankfurt. This tour allowed him to further immerse himself in the latest trends and technological advances, taking with him valuable experiences that will surely benefit both sides of our partnership.

Eduardo’s journey did not end there; After his experience in Frankfurt, he moved to La Coruña, Spain, to continue his training throughout our Adquio Ecosystem. Despite the weather conditions, typical of the charming, but sometimes unpredictable Galicia, Eduardo explored our beautiful city and enjoyed the hospitality that characterizes this region.

Eduardo, as passionate about technology, like us, shared his knowledge and experiences with us, and spent time undergoing intensive training at our headquarters. The focus of this training was on the advantages of Adquio’s integrations with Casambi.

We sincerely thank Eduardo for his visit and welcome the prospect of a year full of exciting collaborative projects. This alliance, along with the exciting developments to come, cements Adquio’s position as a leader in innovation and technology.

We look forward to sharing more details about our upcoming innovations and continuing to strengthen collaboration with committed partners like Eduardo Morales. May 2024 be a year full of achievements and successes for all of us!

We attach a photo that Eduardo has taken next to our imposing Torre de Hercules, classified as a World Heritage Site.

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