Adquio Annual Summary of New Products and Services

Adquio launches 2023

In this article, we will carry out an exhaustive review of the new products and services presented over the last year, summarizing the products and services that have stood out for their innovation and success in the market. They will be detailed chronologically below, allowing our readers to get a complete picture of our prolific year.


The year opened with the launch of our outstanding range of probes. We start with wired probes, from the simplicity of Adquio PT1000 Ambient to Modbus probes that incorporate advanced functions such as temperature, humidity, CO₂ and VOC. Subsequently, we enriched our ecosystem with LORA devices, including a Gateway and two probes, providing versatile connectivity to any programmable controller via Modbus RTU.

SCADA Server:

After months of painstaking development, we present the SCADA Server, a powerful web-based control software interface. Designed for the centralization of the control of several installations, this unique add-on operates locally without depending on the Internet connection.

Development of Control Applications:

Next, we launched our control application development service for Android and iPhone. This initiative represents a new way of managing facilities from personal devices, providing flexibility and accessibility to our users.

Engineering Services:

We continue with the launch of our engineering service, offering assistance in controller programming and interface design for both control screens and SCADA. This service provides customized solutions to the specific needs of our partners.

Adquio SCADA Cloud:

Responding to the demands of our customers, we introduced Adquio SCADA Cloud, a cloud version of our original SCADA. While retaining all functionalities, this solution allows remote control of multiple installations via the Internet.

32″ Control Screen:

We highlight our 32″ control screen, designed for historic buildings, with an accessible and easy-to-use interface. We look forward to sharing a detailed report on its implementation in specific installations in the near future.

White Paper:

We added to our repertoire a White Paper, a detailed book that guides our partners through every step necessary to perform a control installation with Adquio and Casambi. We explore all possible options, providing detailed information for a successful implementation.

Analog Input and Output Modules:

We present our new analog input and output modules, complementing our expansions and providing greater flexibility to our partners, especially in the field of air conditioning.

8″ screen:

Finally, in 2023, we launched our 8″ display, a cost-effective control marvel that retains all the functionality of its larger counterparts. Despite its reduced size, it maintains the same resolution and connectivity, offering an efficient and affordable option.


We conclude this intense year of development and launches, confident that our products and services will please our customers. We look forward to a 2024 full of creativity and opportunities to continue raising our innovation standards.


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