Adquio Cloud AI, Mongo DBAdquio Cloud AI and mongoDB

As all of you already know, one of the most important products in our entire ecosystem is Adquio Cloud AI, the BMS platform that allows you to study the historical data of your facilities in any way you can imagine. You can see the data of a device, if you wish, with its updated values ​​every second. But you can also see annual global data, make comparisons between different facilities of your organization, and a very long etcetera.

As you can imagine, to store all this information, to do it for years, and to do it for hundreds of clients and thousands of different installations, the infrastructure behind it must be enormous, it must be capable of supporting millions of new data entries on a daily basis and it must be able to not only store that data efficiently and securely, but on the other hand we will ask you to be quick when we query it for any of that stored data.

When you, as a client, enter your work area and consult a graph of your installation, for you this data is shown instantly, if you change the date and go back two years, the graph is loaded again quickly, for you this is your installation, but what you don’t know is that this same platform is supporting hundreds of users in addition to you, each one with their installations and all of them are obtaining their data quickly and efficiently.

So, how do we make this enormous amount of data available for consultation in such a simple and fast way? The answer is simple, using technology that has been designed just for this type of scenario. The Non-SQL mongoDB database. 

What is it and why do we use mongoDB?

MongoDB is a very different database technology than traditional SQL. Contrary to these, mongoDB is designed to support trillions of records in a database, it is capable of supporting fast inserts in its database, even if the collection already has millions of records, and above all it is capable of extracting information from its database content in the same way, quickly and efficiently.

This is another of the decisions we made when we designed it and that is now bearing fruit. Always thinking that the user has the greatest ease of use and the greatest efficiency in retrieving and using their information.

Today we have brought you a little closer to another of the technologies that we use in our ecosystem to be able to offer you products such as Adquio Cloud AI, the perfect combination between Artificial intelligence and large amounts of information (Big Data).


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