Adquio Cloud Installed locally? Can it possible?

Adquio Cloud installed locally

Adquio Cloud Installed locally? Can it possible?

As you already know, one of our main products is Adquio Cloud, the platform that allows the study of historical data and real-time control of your facilities. This platform by default runs on our servers in the cloud, but… What if a customer does not want their data to travel or be hosted in the cloud?

For these occasions we have the possibility of installing Adquio Cloud locally, on a dedicated server that will be installed on the customer’s premises and that will be under his responsibility.

In these cases the Adquio programmable controllers are configured to upload the data to the local server and not to where they usually do it on the Internet.

In this way the customer enjoys all the advantages of Adquio cloud, but in a closed and private environment.

On the downside, it is now up to your IT infrastructure to connect from outside the office if you wish to do so.

In these cases, and by prior agreement with the customer, a VPN is installed to allow us to offer the support service.

In cases where the customer has several sites, it is also up to the IT department to set up networks between sites so that the controllers of all branches can see the central server.

As you can see, with the Adquio Ecosystem you still have the greatest flexibility and are always ready to adapt to the needs of your customers.



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