Adquio enters the housing sector from the landlord’s perspective.

Adquio, 4 flats control
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At Adquio we continue to innovate and adapt to the needs of our customers in any sector and market.

On this occasion, we enter the residential housing control sector from the tenant’s point of view. When we talk about large residential buildings, dedicated to rent, it is necessary a system that with a low cost per dwelling, allows managing, on the one hand, all the consumptions, and on the other hand, can give the tenant some basic data and services for their comfort.

Adquio helps in all these requirements. Since it allows managing all the consumption of electricity, cold and hot water, and with all this information, to send it directly to the server that manages all the services that the landlord provides to its tenants.

This is done directly with a connection to its API from the Adquio Mini controller itself. This also allows the server to feed an App that all tenants can download and used to know their consumption at all times.

Inside the house, and through an 8″ Adquio control screen, the tenant can manage the climate in all rooms of the house, and additionally check their consumption in real time. In the same way, exploiting Adquio’s features we can also provide you with outdoor temperature information, and the weather forecast for the next 5 days.

The most important part for this type of installation is that the control system to be installed has the best possible quality/price ratio without losing any of the functionalities.

Adquio adapts very well to these requirements, since a single Adquio Mini controller and 4 simple Adquio Mini IOs expansions can manage all the consumptions of 4 floors, and act as a server for the control screens of the same 4 floors.

And finally, by directly uploading data to the cloud servers, there are significant savings in cabling infrastructure and local servers. With Adquio, all this is not necessary to achieve the ultimate goal.

In short, a detailed control of all consumption of 4 dwellings, providing the tenant with the necessary services and integrating all this information directly to the cloud.

The best of all is that this infrastructure is fully scalable to any number of dwellings in a building or in several. There is no limit, since each installation of a group of apartments (usually whatever there is on each floor) is totally independent and works only with its internet connection to upload the data.

At Adquio, we demonstrate every day the versatility of our ecosystem, overcoming barriers and adapting perfectly to a wide range of sectors and markets.

Welcome to the residential control revolution with Adquio!

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