Adquio: Counts people, manages occupation, acts accordingly

Adquio pro counting people

Every few days you meet clients who ask you for quite different things, in some cases, things that are impossible, or at least you think so.

On this occasion, a client asks you obtain the people who are within your premises in the different time zones of the day . For the moment, you tell him that you will study it.

You start looking through the PLCs that you have been using for many years, but none of them offer you a functionality similar to this.

The next day in the morning you think, And Adquio can do it ? You arrive at the office and you start to investigate it, your face lights up when you see that precisely this is one of its functionalities already integrated, you investigate further and see that it is just what you need.

You see that Adquiointegrates video cameras that, with artificial intelligence, can count the people entering and leaving a room , you can store the data and provide the number of occupants in it at any time.

You talk to your client, you sign the budget, your installers place an Adquio lite and two cameras on top of the two entrances to the premises and voila . In less than a week, your client has installed what they needed and you also offer them additional monitoring services for other parts of their facilities, electrical consumption, air conditioning, lighting …

Another reason why Adquio like you more every day, It opens doors to clients with needs that you could not cover before.

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