Adquio Ecosystem: Your secret weapon to reach more projects.


In a world where project complexity and specific demands are increasingly common, it is essential to have technological tools that allow us to overcome any challenge. In this context, the Adquio Ecosystem helps you as the ultimate solution, offering a range of possibilities that allow you to say “yes” to almost any customer request.

Imagine being able to tackle any lighting project with the certainty that you have the necessary technology to offer innovative solutions adapted to the most demanding needs. The Adquio Ecosystem not only helps you win more projects, but also gives you the security you need to propose creative and effective solutions to your clients.

Are you dealing with large-scale installations?

At Adquio we have demonstrated our ability to integrate lighting systems of any size, both for local and centralized remote control. Our controllers are able to manage Casambi and DALI networks efficiently and without limits, ensuring optimal operation even in complex environments.


Do you find yourself with legacy installations that require customized solutions?

Adquio’s team is ready to offer you innovative alternatives to meet your client’s specific needs. This ability to adapt to unique situations will strengthen your customer’s perception of your company and help you gain their trust.


Do you need dynamic solutions that adapt to the changing environment?

We understand the importance of flexibility in lighting projects. Our technology allows you to create dynamic scenes and groups that adjust to changing customer needs, providing intuitive interfaces for real-time adjustments.


Looking to integrate existing systems with state-of-the-art technology?

At Adquio, we are experts in integration, allowing legacy systems to merge seamlessly with our innovative solutions, offering your customers a comprehensive and efficient experience.


Is your customer asking you to integrate the control of installations in different geographical locations?

You have several different options depending on your customer’s preferences. Control through a SCADA in the cloud. This allows you to easily connect different buildings and integrate their control and monitoring. The other great option is our Adquio Cloud BMS, designed to connect hundreds of buildings and manage all the information they generate and that Adquio controllers collect. Additionally, if your customer has special security needs, Adquio SCADA Server is the perfect global control solution, as it provides you with advanced control, running entirely locally, without Internet connection.

Does your customer want to control his lighting with an interface designed for him?

With our customized local control options, you can provide your customers with interfaces tailored exactly to their needs, ensuring an optimal user experience.


Don’t wait any longer, contact us and discover how the Adquio Ecosystem can become your secret weapon to face any challenge in lighting projects.

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