Adquio Industrial Screen, unique in the Casambi Ecosystem.

Adquio Industrial Screen

Adquio Industrial Screen, unique in the Casambi ecosystem.

The Casambi Ecosystem is spreading rapidly around the world, and proof of this is its international presence in practically all markets.

In addition to this Casambi is entering into different sectors, from Retail, office buildings, even historical buildings, museums, etc.

There is another sector in which Casambi is also present, and that is the industrial sector. There are countless types of industries and all of them need lighting, this is even more important in the current times, when energy saving is essential.

For this industrial sector, the Adquio Ecosystem has today a perfect device for control, Adquio Industrial Screen Casambi Gateway. In these scenarios of humidity or dust our screen is like a fish in water. Designed with IP65 support on the front side, it can cope with the harshest working environments.

We encourage you to incorporate Adquio Industrial Screen Casambi Gateway as a direct control device for your Casambi or DALI based industrial lighting installations. Remember that you can use either Casambi’s official Android app interface or our HMI where you can design specific scenarios for your customers by adjusting them to their needs.

As you can see, we continue to incorporate products that meet the needs of specific sectors and markets, always listening to our customers.




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