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Adquio Ecosystem

There have already been many occasions in which we have encountered a very similar situation when we arrived at a project. Many have already offered before. But all offer the customer very similar options. They can perform the control and data collection of your installation, but for a later use of the data collected, it is necessary to create an application to your needs and also develop a communication with it.

For our customer, this has the disadvantage that these special developments are always very expensive and take considerable time to be fully functional.

This is where the Adquio Ecosystem shines with all its light. Since the customer finds in it controllers equal to or far superior to those he already knows, and also verifies that behind them there are several platforms already designed and running that allows him to exploit his data.

On the other hand, that difficult job of communicating controllers with cloud services and doing it securely and reliably, in the Adquio Ecosystem is already done and proven.

Therefore, these types of customers find in our products and services the ideal solution for any system that needs to take data from their facilities and store them centrally for their study. Both in real time and at a historical data level.

We demonstrate to the customer that you can actually collect data anywhere, both in urban and rural environments, only depending on a GPRS, 3G or 4G or even satellite internet connection.

In addition, in the part of the treatment of collected data, we have our powerful BMS Adquio Cloud. Which allows data storage for 5 years, the creation of automatic alarms, with its corresponding emailing, data export for processing in other tools, etc.

If what you need is a more powerful real-time remote control, the perfect solution is our Adquio SCADA Cloud service. It provides you with data from all your data points in real time, and additionally, it also allows you to store them for later graphs and historical reports.

This is the advantage of a platform already finished and functional from day one, where the client can start exploiting its information in a matter of minutes once the installation is finished.

In addition, we can show the customer numerous examples of installations that have been in operation for several years and are feeding our platform from more than 200 different geographical locations worldwide. This also gives you an idea of the power of our systems and their ability to accommodate large projects.

We invite you to know our Cloud Services, if you are looking for a data collection and exploitation system, you can’t miss them.

Happy spring and happy Easter!


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