Adquio lights up Switzerland with its new partner RNHC: a brilliant partnership!


As you know, in Adquio, one of the most important sectors is lighting, therefore, most of our products and services are focused on this sector. We are proud to announce our exciting partnership with RNHC, a well-known company dedicated to the realization of lighting installations in Switzerland and neighboring countries. This new chapter in Adquio’s history strengthens its commitment to bring light and innovation to every corner of Switzerland, and beyond.

With great excitement and gratitude, Adquio warmly welcomes RNHC as its new strategic partner. This special bond between the two companies is the result of a relationship based on mutual trust and admiration for the exceptional work done by both parties.

The partnership with RNHC could not be more appropriate for Adquio. RNHC’s experience and recognition in the field of lighting installations, especially in singular projects, creates the perfect scenario for Adquio’s devices and services to shine with a special strength. Together, we are ready to take lighting to a whole new level.

Since its founding, Adquio has been committed to delivering state-of-the-art, highly efficient lighting solutions. Now, together with RNHC, we can take our innovations even further and bring the magic of light to those unique and challenging projects that characterize RNHC.

At this exciting time, we wish to express our special thanks to Roldy, the head of RNHC, for his trust and unwavering support of this partnership. The friendship and mutual respect we share with Roldy have been fundamental in making this collaboration a reality. We look forward to the future and what we can achieve together.

Adquio and RNHC share a common vision of providing exceptional lighting solutions that captivate the senses and exceed our customers’ expectations. With our respective strengths combined, we can offer unique and unforgettable experiences to those who enjoy and value lighting at its best.

This partnership between Adquio and RNHC represents the beginning of an exciting journey towards excellence and creativity in the field of lighting. Together, we are determined to make Switzerland and neighboring countries shine with lighting installations that captivate all those who experience them.

At Adquio, we are proud and excited to welcome RNHC as our new partner in Switzerland. We greatly value the friendship that unites us and pledge to work together to reach new levels of greatness in the world of enlightenment.


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