Adquio optimizing electrical installation

 Adquio optimizing electrical installation

Adquio optimizing electrical installation

What we are going to see next is applicable to any type of electricity consumer, both an individual home and a company, passing through neighborhood communities.

At this time in history, electricity is experiencing very sharp price fluctuations, depending on the time of day it can double or even triple its price.

Individuals and companies cannot adapt their consumption to these variations, among other things because they do not know them in advance and because they normally coincide when it is precisely more essential to consume . Precisely for this reason, this rise in price occurs, because there are times in the day when consumption at the level of the entire electricity network rises, because many events coincide, industries start up, companies open, etc.

What could we do to try to live with this reality but adapting to it, and even taking advantage of it to save. If you read ‘save‘ correctly.

The Spanish electricity network is an organization that is in charge of keeping the entire country network working with quality of service, for this they must ‘foresee’ the consumption that there will be the next day and provide the means to adapt production to it.

For them, they must take into account thousands of variables such as the weather, if it is a holiday, if there is an important sporting event, etc., all of this greatly affects electricity consumption throughout the country. They have been making this forecast for years and have managed to adjust it in such a way that the error rate between the forecast and the reality of the following day is close to 0 .

Well, REE (Spanish Electric Network) shares this consumption forecast information and its subsequent price 24 hours before this happens. It does this through its website, but also through a public API that anyone can use for free.

As you already know and we have mentioned in all our courses and presentations, Adquio can be connected to any API (application interface for programmers), therefore it can also connect to the REE API and obtain electricity prices 24 hours in advance, with its minimum and maximum for the day.

On this occasion we propose an installation without solar panels, so it is applicable to many more scenarios, where their installation is impossible or very difficult. A battery pack and an inverter take up very little space and can be placed in practically any type of installation.

In this case, Adquio examines the price and schedule forecast for the next 24 hours and establishes a charging and discharging plan, adapted to the lowest price ranges to charge the batteries and disconnecting from the electricity grid in the highest price ranges.

With this we manage to consume energy only in the low price ranges, and we contribute to flattening that graph. The more installations that do something similar to this, the less variations there will be in the price and the easier it will be to make forecasts.

Good for you, good for the country and good for the planet, what more can we ask for!!!

As you continue seeing with Adquio the limits do not exist, this time using objective and official internet forecasts so that your installation adapts its consumption, isn’t it magic?

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