Adquio, perform distributed installations and save on wiring

Perform distributed installations and save on wiring

You have been given in several cases, an installation with a large room, you need to carry wiring for probes and actuators far from the main panel where your controllers are installed.

This is inconvenient for you, as it causes you two problems. On the one hand, you need to spend a significant amount on wiring , hundreds of meters to get the signal from each probe to the main controller, when there are several probes and actuators this problem multiplies.

On the other hand, the labor you need to invest to the installation of all this wiring makes the installation very expensive as it takes a lot of effort to run all those cables to each device.

Now you face this type of facilities in a very different way Before starting, you analyze the points that need a lot of control, by number of actuators, probes or buses, and you place a #adquio directly there, where the data is produced, in this way the wiring is minimal .

Those #adquio send the information collected in real time to the main #adquio, and allows it to act equally in real time, in this way you send a single ethernet cable to each area where a lot of control or data collection is necessary, and you simplify the installation .

#adquio has its own interconnection protocol integrated, which allows the location where the data is collected to be transparent to you For programming, all data behaves as local.

This protocol, in addition to being transparent to the user, is immediate, practically You do not notice any delay from the data collection until you see the updated data in your main purchase.

Now when you consider a large installation, You have the possibility to calculate when it is convenient for you to wire, or to create distributed data collection and action centers.

As you can see, your possibilities are once again increasing using #adquio, when facing complex installations, lower costs for you, faster installation speed and greater satisfaction for your client.

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