Adquio, program it as a team and accelerate your projects.

You have been using Adquio for all your automation installations for several months, but until now you have not realized one of its characteristics. When you started a project, one of your engineers was in charge of planning and scheduling adquio for your client’s installation.

You have always done it this way and At no time did you think that Adquio could provide you with improvements in this aspect as well . Until in a project you had a time problem , the installation date was very close, your client had to reduce it to meet his objectives, the fact is that your time to have everything scheduled was drastically shortened.

You contacted the Adquio support team and the technician told you three magic words “ Program it as a team ” What? Yes, instead of dedicating a programmer to prepare this installation dedicate two or three, or those you consider necessary. But how do I do that? you asked surprised. The technician explained: simply access its web interface with various browsers and that each one works in a part, it is perfectly possible.

Your you did not imagine that something like this could be done , basically because with all other controllers you used in the past this was impossible .

You discussed it with your engineers, and three of them organized and distributed tasks to connect and schedule that Adquio, some configured the installation’s action schedules, others configured the devices to be connected and another was programming the events of each device as that this one was ready.

Of the few days you had to finish this project, you still have half left , since in this way the development time was shortened to a third of the usual.

Your client has been satisfied, because although the delivery time has been shortened, your have you been able to fulfill correctly with your contract.

As you see Adquio continues to offer you surprising advantages that you can’t find in other controllers and that make you more competitive every day .

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