Adquio Screen Casambi Gateway, is part of the Adquio ecosystem as a new device. It is a high-quality 10.1-inch screen. It is designed to remain in continuous operation 24/7.

It is presented as a tablet, but designed to be fixed on the wall permanently and without a battery. It feeds from the outside. This allows you not to depend on an internal battery and its corresponding degradation over time.

In the same way, it has an LED backlight. This allows you to operate for years without worrying about the durability of it.

Based on Android, it allows its correct operation without incidents in all those applications necessary for its performance, such as SCADA, HMIs, Remote Control Software, Casambi App, among others. Additionally, it has Google play to download and install any other application that may be necessary.

As it has an Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network connection, it is perfect as a Casambi Gateway. Its stability and design for continuous operation fit perfectly with the requirements of this type of installation. A device running Casambi Gateway that is reliable and stable under all circumstances.

In addition to this, at the time of the Casambi installation, an Android or IOs device is necessary that allows the entire Commissioning process to be carried out. Adquio Screen Casambi Gateway is perfect for this, allowing the work to be carried out without any other external element.

Once the installation is complete, it can be fixed on the wall in a convenient location for the customer and they can use the Casambi App to start the scenes, or they can opt for a customized HMI with only the necessary controls for its normal operation.

Adquio Screen Casambi Gateway it can also function as a control screen. Perfect for Adquio installations where a visual presentation is required. This allows the end user to interact with your installation. It is possible to design any type of interface and adjust it exactly to the needs of each client.

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