Adquio Sensors our first Modbus probe

Example of installation of Adquio Sensors probes

Today we introduce you our first Modbus probe Adquio Sensors. On this occasion, it is a temperature and humidity probe, which meets several very convenient features at the time of installation.

  • Accessibility: Modbus is a standard communication protocol in the field of automation, allowing you to easily connect the probe to Adquio or other controllers.
  • Integration: Using Modbus, the Adquio Sensors probe can be easily integrated into an existing automation system, allowing you greater efficiency and flexibility in monitoring and controlling temperature and humidity.
  • Reliability: Modbus is a reliable and well-tested protocol, which guarantees stable and accurate communication between the probe and the automation system.
  • Scalability: Modbus is scalable, allowing you to add more probes to the system as your customer needs them.
  • Cost: Modbus is an open and widely used communication protocol, which means that Modbus-compatible components and systems are generally less expensive than proprietary systems.
  • Real time: The probe Adquio Sensors provides real-time information, values are updated in the controller several times per second, allowing you to use these values for alarm management when temperature or humidity levels exceed certain limits, allowing for quick response and prevention of potential problems.
  • Data history: By connecting the temperature and humidity probe to Adquio and Adquio Cloud, you can log and store temperature and humidity data, allowing for long-term monitoring and analysis of environmental conditions.
  • Flexibility: you can connect up to 64 probes on each bus, which in the case of Adquio allows you to reach up to 240 with a single controller.
  • Ease: You can install them over long distances on a bus with two data cables and two power cables, you do not have to worry about voltage drop due to the length of the cable, since the probes operate in a range from 8 to 24 V and their consumption is very low. In addition, the probes have both input and output connectors for the bus and for the power supply, which makes installation easier.

As you can see we keep adding members to our ecosystem of products, offering you more and more possibilities for your installations, this time with Adquio Sensors, do not miss next week our new launch.

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