Adquio uses JavaScript, the winning combination for the 21st century

Image of a tablet and a wireless keyboard programming an AdquioIn your company You had several technicians with knowledge of automaton programming. Some of them are specialized in a specific language that only works for a certain brand of controllers.

You were not happy, because every time you needed to hire a new technician, it was almost impossible to find them with knowledge of programming traditional controller.

On the other hand, the software that you needed to install on the computers, it was super heavy, the last time you installed it on a latest generation laptop, it took more than 20 minutes and in other cases, you even had to pay a license to use it .

But … now you install Adquio, the programming language it uses is JavaScript, an open and standard language Now if you are looking for staff with JavaScript knowledge, you get hundreds of requests.

You have even recycled part of your technicians, since you have discovered that learning is very simple, with the complete manual that integrates each #adquio in its help section, and the support of the product website

You no longer need to install anything on your computers, now you even use Macs and tablets to get the job done, which was impossible before.

Everything has been simplified a lot for you, since now with a browser on any device you can work.


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