Adquio: your best investment for the future

As we have seen in previous articles, you are a person who loves technology and therefore Tesla ™ is one of the current references for you.

One of the things you like the most about this brand is that when you buy a car, it does not stay there, but continues to evolve over time. , its characteristics and behavior are updated through the cloud in a transparent way for you.

That’s why you use #adquio because you know that it behaves in the same way You buy it today, but in the coming months or years, through automatic updates, it will have even better features than the current ones.

Have you even seen that Sometimes when a client has very specific needs, you have spoken with the manufacturer and he has been able to incorporate custom developments specific to your case.

Practical example:

On the last occasion, a client asked you what they need bring the data collected by #adquio to a Microsoft ™ SQL Server database and be able to use them as metrics in your business.

The technicians have explained that almost anything is possible with #adquio as it uses the GNU / Linux operating system which is standard and open . In this case they used a Microsoft ™ SQL client and communication with an ERP database has been possible.

You have provided your client with a Integration of critical ERP data with real-time facility data. Something that you could not have achieved without an #adquio and thanks to the technology that we have chosen in its development.

As you see, again #adquio opens doors to new business possibilities, which you could not otherwise address.

This is just an example but it makes you aware that with Adquio you have enormous possibilities.

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