Discover a Bright Future with Casambi and Adquio

Discover a Bright Future with Casambi and Adquio

Casambi lighting control technology shines with its own light, offering undeniable improvements to those who adopt it. From its initial implementation in office buildings to its expansion into industrial and public lighting sectors, Casambi has proven its versatility and effectiveness in a variety of environments. At Adquio, we are delighted to be part of this lighting revolution, providing control solutions that transform the lighting experience in every corner.

Economic Savings

Casambi not only illuminates rooms, but also budgets. On the one hand, the savings in installation, by avoiding the use of bus cables, and on the other hand, the energy efficiency it offers, translates into significant economic savings over time. At Adquio, we enhance this advantage by offering control solutions that optimize lighting performance and maximize savings.

Ease of Installation and Configuration

Simplicity is key, and Casambi knows it. The ease of installation and configuration of this technology makes it accessible to all. At Adquio, we go one step further by providing intuitive control screens designed to suit every sector, from offices to public lighting.

Elasticity for Simple Changes

Times change, and with Casambi, lighting adapts easily. Our control solutions at Adquio allow changes to be made easily, providing elasticity and flexibility to end users.

Integration without Borders

Casambi not only illuminates, but also integrates harmoniously with other systems through Adquio. Our controllers offer a seamless interface for integration, allowing users to make the most of their existing systems.

Ubiquity in All Sectors

From office buildings to public lighting, Casambi has proven itself in all lighting sectors. At Adquio, we have taken this a step further by offering control solutions tailored for every scenario, from industrial environments to historic buildings.

Unlimited Customization with Adaptive Displays

Additionally, at Adquio we offer our partners the possibility to customize their lighting experience. All our screens can work with the standard Casambi interface or take advantage of the creativity of an interface designer. This allows the creation of any control scenario tailored to the customer, offering a unique and customized experience.

At Adquio, we complement Casambi’s excellence

In our mission to take lighting to the next level, we at Adquio complement Casambi’s exciting features with customized control solutions. From local control displays to local and remote SCADA solutions, we provide our partners and their end customers with a variety of control alternatives, ensuring a unique lighting experience.

Total Freedom with Unified Control

At Adquio, we offer not only solutions, but also freedom. Our controllers allow unified control of any number of Casambi networks, giving our partners absolute freedom to design and offer the best options without technological limitations. The bright future is limitless, and at Adquio, we are building it together.

Discover the transformative power of Casambi with Adquio. Light up your world with innovation, efficiency, and freedom of control. Welcome to the bright future!

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