Enhancing Casambi scenes with Adquio

Enhancing Casambi scenes with Adquio

Enhancing Casambi scenes with Adquio

As all of you already know, Adquio has been integrated with Casambi through its API for a year now, with the result of numerous installations enjoying this integration. Till date Adquio has been useful in different technical requirements.

  • Ones in which Casambi scenes had to be launched based on events external to the Casambi network.
  • Others in which it was necessary to communicate with third-party BMS’s in standard building protocols, which by default Casambi does not support, in these cases we have connected the Casambi network with these BMS’s through Modbus TCP and also BACnet IP. Getting Casambi to connect with these protocols that the application does not support by default

On the other hand, and based on our experience, we launched a new feature that will allow Casambi to increase the power of his scenes. Where is this?.

Adquio now allows a Casambi scene to launch any type of command outside of the Casambi network. This allows, for example, a Casambi scene to also control the climate, other more outdated lighting systems already existing in the installation, access systems, etc.

Adquio detects the activation of a Casambi scene and associates any type of action that the user wishes with said activation. With this, Casambi scenes can execute any type of action. This allows them to interact with virtually any other aspect of the building, other than purely lighting.

In short, now Adquio allows Casambi scenes to launch any type of action on any other type of device or devices present in the building.

This greatly enriches the Casambi scenes. It allows them, for example, to complete a ‘Cinema Mode’ lighting scene that lowers the lighting in the room, now it can also turn the room to 20º, lower the blinds to leave the room dark, etc.

As you can see, we continue to innovate. Enhancing Casambi scenes with Adquio and giving them superpowers!!!.

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