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Installation Alternatives for Adquio Wall Screen 4"

At Adquio, we embrace the diversity of installations and immerse ourselves in the wonderful symphony of integration possibilities with Casambi. This journey leads us to discover solutions that go beyond the conventional, elevating the user experience to new heights.


1. Simplicity at a Touch: Adquio and Casambi in Harmony

Basic Adquio Casambi Facility

As connoisseurs of elegance in simplicity, our Adquio displays are able to directly manage a Casambi network with the ease that characterizes the Casambi default App. If this option is right for you, congratulations! You have found the simplest and most economical solution for your needs.


2. Customization: A Unique Touch for Every Need

Typical Adquio Casambi with custom HMI

However, what if you are looking for a customized user interface, different from the Casambi standard? This desire can have different motivations: from customers who prefer a different interface to the need for features beyond what Casambi’s APP offers.

  • Tailored Interfaces: We adapt the interface to users unfamiliar with the technology, guaranteeing a smooth experience.
  • Expanded Functionalities: We offer options such as unique layouts, varied user profiles and permissions, screen savers and the control of additional systems such as consumption and climate control, all from a single screen.

In this case the Adquio screens require a server that provides the information and the interface with Casambi and other systems, this connection with the server (in this case Adquio mini) can be done by Cable or Wifi. This opens up the possibility of powering your 4″ screens through a POE network cable, which also provides connectivity, (this example is the one you see in the picture). The other option is to power your display with AC power and leave the connectivity with the server to a Wi-Fi connection.


3. Strengthening Connections: The Magic of Freedom

Options Adquio Casambi with custom HMI

Opting for a customized interface unlocks the opportunity to improve communication with the luminaires. Placing the Lithernet device close to the luminaires strengthens the Bluetooth link, ensuring smooth and reliable communication in the long term.

Additional Benefits Defining the Future of Integrated Lighting

The new architecture not only breaks down barriers, but also offers fundamental benefits in diverse projects.

  • Scene Synchronization: Control single or multiple scenes on multiple networks simultaneously, taking coordination to a new level.
  • Versatile Management: Manage any number of networks from one or several screens, adapting to the architecture and not limiting to the capabilities of Casambi networks.
  • Full Integration: Joining forces with external systems, from HVAC, alarms to access and fire systems, etc., expanding the possibilities of control.
  • Expanded Communication: Establish links between Casambi networks and broader systems such as BMS or SCADA, creating synergies that drive efficiency and performance.

Imagine, Design, Connect: Adquio and Casambi Redefine Lighting Control.

Dare you visualize a building in which the Casambi scenes run synchronized on all floors, with 16 networks and 22 scenes? It’s not a dream, it’s a reality that you can discover more about here. At Adquio, we explore the infinite potential of integration, inspiring the creation of illuminated spaces with efficiency and style. Join the integrated lighting revolution! ✨


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