Internationalization of Our SCADA Systems

Adquio SCADA now in multiple languages

In our constant pursuit of excellence and the satisfaction of our partners, we are pleased to announce an exciting upgrade that will elevate our customers’ experience to new heights, especially for those who are part of our international community.

Since their launch, SCADA systems have conquered the heart of the Casambi ecosystem and have transcended borders to position themselves in various sectors and markets. In this exciting journey of expansion, we are delighted to unveil a crucial milestone that will mark a that will mark a turning point in the way we interact with the world: the internationalization of our products.

From now on, our SCADAs will not only be accessible in the original language, but we have expanded their linguistic horizon to ensure a more personalized and immersive experience. We are excited to report that the interface of our flagship products, Adquio SCADA Server and Adquio SCADA Cloud, has been meticulously revised and translated to allow our partners to enjoy these powerful tools in their own language.

The list of available languages spans a global spectrum, including. English, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, Spanish, French, and German.. This linguistic diversity not only reflects our vision of reaching audiences around the world, but also demonstrates our unwavering commitment to partner satisfaction.

However, we are open to additional customizations according to the specific needs of our community. If any of you feel the need to incorporate an additional language, we encourage you to share it with us.. In future updates, we will be sure to include this to ensure that each partner’s experience is unique and exceptional.

This bold step is a testament to our continued progress and unwavering commitment to excellence. We continue to work tirelessly to demonstrate not only our dedication to innovation, but also our deep connection to our partners’ happiness and well-being through cutting-edge products and services.

In short, this internationalization of our SCADAs represents an exciting chapter in our history, propelling our partners into a new horizon of possibilities and demonstrating our firm commitment to their success and satisfaction. We are excited about the future ahead of us and look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional experiences as we move forward together on this exciting journey.

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