Adquio SCADA Cloud: Complete control and visualization of your facility

Adquio SCADA Cloud is a web-based cloud platform that allows you to perform complete control of your installation. You have all the design freedom you need and it is very easy to connect your controls to your variables coming from Adquio. In addition to monitoring, you can display trend graphs on your plans, integrating real-time and historical data.

Adquio SCADA Cloud

Adquio SCADA Cloud is a service with monthly fees.

Adquio SCADA Cloud is a product that runs on our servers on the internet, therefore, this has a monthly cost that we pass on to our customers.

This service includes support and maintenance on the Cloud platform. This allows you to be always up to date and not worry about the maintenance of physical devices.

Up to 30 concurrent users

Do you have several users that are going to control different aspects of your installation? With Adquio SCADA Cloud you can do it without problems, you have up to 30 users who can work at the same time on one or several SCADAs, without any restriction. In addition, they will not need anything special to do so, just a web browser.

Adquio SCADA Cloud
Adquio SCADA Server, maximun control

Connect your controls to your variables and enjoy hundreds of possibilities

Adquio SCADA Cloud allows you to perform an infinite number of actions based on the values of your variables, we will provide two simple examples.

  • Show on your plan the dimming level of a luminaire. Adquio SCADA Cloud allows you to assign different colors to your controls according to different ranges in the values of your variables, so you can show the exact dimming level of your luminaires on the map.
  • You can move the controls according to the content of a variable, allowing your imagination to run wild.

All the controls you need to make your designs

When you are designing what you need are powerful tools that allow you to realize your ideas. With Adquio SCADA Cloud you have all the tools you need to develop your creativity. Objects, shapes, backgrounds, controls, alignments, grid, etc. You can draw, you can upload your images and you have available as many pop-up windows as you need.

Adquio SCADA Cloud is not only a SCADA, it also allows you to place trend graphs on your floor plans, so you can display historical consumption, temperatures, luminosity, etc.

Adquio SCADA Server, group or individual control

Simultaneous control at scene/group and individual level

The most common in lighting installations is to control luminaires by means of groups or scenes, and if in some cases you need to reach the level of individual control, you can do it, since Adquio SCADA Cloud allows you to control your installation at a general level, but also in detail.

You click on a room, it expands and you can now control its luminaires independently.

Do you want to see a short video presentation?

In this short video we show you very quickly how our new Adquio SCADA Cloud works. As you can see this version and the local version Adquio SACADA Server are exactly the same in terms of features, we hope you like it.

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