Introducing Adquio micro server

Introducing Adquio micro server

Today, as you will see, we continue to present new features that allow the Acquio Ecosystem to reach any point on the planet.

Today we present our new product Adquio micro server. Product designed for Casambi in the North American market.

Adquio micro server is a standard Intel NUC computer, running the full software of Adquio programmable controllers. You will be able to use the same user interface, the same protocols and you will access it in the same way that you have been doing it with any of the Adquio controllers that you already know.

The advantage of this device over the Adquio Pro , Lite and Mini controllers is that it is certified for use in all markets in the world, so you can count on it in any type of installation.

This device does the same job as its peers Adquio Pro, Lite and Mini:

  • Read all data from the Casambi network through its API.
  • Process them if necessary.
  • Integrate other installation devices.
  • And finally, connect with the BMS Adquio Cloud platform to carry out two types of missions:
    • Store all the data of the Casambi networks in a historical way, to be able to return to them at any time to carry out any type of study.
    • Real-time connection that allows the Adquio Cloud platform to display information instantly on its SCADAs, and of course, allows the user to interact with their installation, activating scenes, checking status, and much more.

Now you have two options to connect your Casambi installation (in the North American territory) with Adquio Cloud:

With this product we close our circle again, now serving the North American market with two products that will also provide two solutions, which will be appropriate according to the type of installation and, of course, according to the preferences of the end customer.





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