Adquio electric panel for Casambi public lighting control


As you know, at Adquio we are committed to sustainable public lighting. For this, we use our control systems in the most optimal way. For our part, we optimize consumption, enabling public luminaires to be at their highest power for the minimum possible time.

In the previous article We talked to you extensively about this, we invite you to read it. Our control system, together with the new LED luminaires, achieves energy savings of up to 98%.

In this type of installation you can find three main actors:

  • Casambi: Facilitates wireless communication technology between luminaires, and the protocol to exploit this technology.
  • Olfer: Designs communication systems between luminaires based on Casambi, and perfect for installation in public luminaires.
  • Adquio: Facilitates luminaire data collection, local luminaire control, and remote control from a central location.

Adquio provides one more part for these installations.

One of the main problems in installing these new control systems is how to implement this control close to the luminaires.

Today we are going to present you the solution: Adquio can provide, fully assembled, a compact control panel, which you just have to connect and configure. You receive it fully installed. All you have to do is provide it with power.

What does this panel?

  • Make the grid smart, lighting on demand.
  • Centralized, centralized control for remote interaction and immediate fault notification.
  • Smooth and secure communication between your control center and remote lighting systems.
  • Automatic energy savings accounting.

Let’s take a look at this new product:

It is a waterproof frame with IP67 certification, which means it is completely watertight. It is made of UV resistant material.

Furthermore, it includes the support to fix it to a post or lamppost with two metal flanges.

Adquio Casambi public Lighting control Panel

Externally, you will see that it has two holes, one for the 4G antenna at the top and one for the AC power input at the bottom. For a completely airtight seal, it has two metal fasteners for tightening its silicone gasket. In addition and to provide security, it has a support to place a padlock. As you can see, all the holes drilled are sealed, the lower one with a cable gland and a rubber gasket, and on top of the 4G antenna with high resistance silicone.

Let’s take a look inside

We have looked for the most appropriate frame to house all the components, as you can see, there is no space to spare.

Adquio Casambi public Lighting control Panel

To simplify this installation, the entire panel is powered by POE. For this purpose, we have integrated a single 48 V power supply, which is responsible for powering the TSW100 POE switch. It powers the 4G router, the Adquio controller, and the Lithernet gateway. The rest is the electric current input and a protection with a circuit breaker.

This system supports one Casambi network, additionally with the same elements and by changing to a larger frame you can control up to 3 networks.

Stay tuned, we are working on a new version that allows different networks to share the internet connection, with the consequent savings in operator fees.

As you can see, we continue to work to facilitate all types of Casambi installations, especially those that help to save energy, as in this case, and simplify installations.

You have no more excuses, we facilitate the whole process, and in return you will offer guaranteed energy savings and very fast amortization.


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