Introducing our new Adquio Industrial Screen

Adquio Industrial Screen 1080

As you all know, a few months ago we presented our control screen specifically designed for the control of Casambi installations. In addition to this, it also allows the control of any installation managed with Adquio. This product has been very well accepted in the market, and thanks to the support and requests of our customers, we have recognized a new need, so we have launched this new product.

For industrial environments, our current display is not suitable, so we have worked hard to prepare a new device to meet these new needs. Let’s take a look at its main advantages and differences with our previous model.

  • Made of steel with aluminum front. A very reliable and robust structure that allows it to withstand industrial conditions.
  • Front with IP65 support. This allows it to withstand extreme humidity conditions, as well as rain, hose cleaning, etc.
  • Android 11, for complete stability working as Gateway for Casambi, and as HMI for Adquio.
  • High gain antenna for better Bluetooth coverage in Casambi networks.
  • Possibility of placing the antenna in another location to improve the signal range. A 1m cable is included with each display.
  • Prepared for recessed panel mounting or with 100 mm VESA brackets, both brackets are included so you can use the one that suits you best.

As you can see, this is a radically different product from our previous display, and suitable for operating in other environments. You will be able to cover all the scenarios demanded in any installation. In the office you can install Adquio Screen, and in the warehouse or factory, Adquio Industrial Screen.

As you can see, we continue to listen to our customers and present products that adapt to their needs, now in the industrial sector.

We hope you find our new product interesting and ….. we continue.

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