Key points of the adquio ecosystem

You like it for ...


Its ARM processor with 4 cores, gives it a power much higher than the Traditional PLCs.

Operating system

All the power and versatility of a complete and integrated GNU / Linux operating system.

Programming language

Programming in JavaScript, a free, open and easy-to-learn language.

Local Storage

Save the collected data on a micro SD card, if the internet fails, it has 32GB of space (Supports up to 128).


No software is required for its programming, just a browser.


Cache in the management of variables, this speeds up the processes and allows not to wait for the buses.

It is very well connected ...


8 direct expansions, also in tree to other DIN rails. (on adquio pro and adquio lite).


3 Ethernet LAN ports, (Only on adquio pro and lite) Support of Modbus TCP, BACnet IP and MQTT.


Conceived to always be connected to the internet, 3g / 4g networks can be used (with additional hardware).

Access point

Integrated Wi-Fi for easy, convenient and fast setup without cables.


4 ports 485, support the Modbus RTU and BACNet MSTP protocols, (up to 250 devices per port).

Own protocol

Own communication protocol between adquios which allows distributed facilities

For your safety...


Integrated firewall, protects the installation from internet threats (in pro and lite models).


Integrated UPS for up to one minute of work and orderly shutdown, without external current (pro and lite purchase).

Electrical protection

Withstands voltage peaks and polarity change. Automatic start after the anomaly.


Always up-to-date, both in security patches and new features.


The alarms of the installation reach the mail of the person in charge immediately.

For its openness ...


Access to any API, SQL Server, etc. that is supported under GNU / Linux (Requires additional project and study).

API Rest

Rest API for free access to any adquio variable.


Complete ecosystem, data collector, actuator and web platform to exploit them.


Free training on the web at, in text format with examples and on video.

It makes it easy for you ...

Remote work

Programming remotely and naturally, no need to travel to the customer’s facility.

Access to your PLCs

It acts as a gateway to the control installation, it allows you to connect with PLCs as if you were there.


It allows to see and act on the variables of the installation with a simple browser.

And for your programmers ...


Team programming, several people can work on the same adquio concurrently.


It allows debugging in real time, for faster and more effective programming.


Programming through variable, calendar and timed events.


Exclusions and inclusions can be made in the calendars to allow for exceptions.