Luceled Pro Srl, Adquio’s new partner in Italy

Luceled-Adquio Partnership

Luceled Pro Srl arrives as a dynamic company that offers integrated lighting solutions to various sectors, from residential and commercial construction to the field of technological design.

It specializes in offering solutions, services, and products in the residential and commercial construction sector, as well as technological systems integration, consulting, technical assistance and renovations.

Its commitment to smart grid systems represents a step forward in energy optimization and comfort, while reducing operating costs.

The continued expansion of its solutions portfolio, including software and services, reflects its commitment to innovation and harnessing the economic benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT).

We would like to thank Luceled Pro Srl for the trust shown in Adquio, especially Oreste de Caro, we love the enthusiasm with which he approaches projects, the same as ours.

Welcome aboard, Luceled Pro Srl! Together, we are ready to build a brighter and more efficient future for everyone.

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