Adquio Cloud AI

Automatic monitoring of all your facilities

Adquio Cloud AI is a web platform based on Adquio Cloud with important new features. These new functions automate the process of monitoring your facilities, saving you a lot of resources and ensuring great reliability.

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Adquio Cloud AI: constant and automatic supervision for all your facilities

What is?

Everything you already know about Adquio Cloud, now with the power and advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Adquio Cloud AI

Until now, Adquio Cloud allows you to control and study the data of your facilities.

Now, Adquio Cloud AI monitors your facility data at all times and notifies you if something out of the “normal” happens.

Corrective notices, but also preventive.

All this, without human intervention.

What does it offer?

Adquio Cloud AI is your remote, centralized and virtual control room.

Monitor 24/7 each and every one of the relevant variables of your facility.

Generate automatic alerts when something goes wrong, and they reach your email in real time.

You can monitor from tens to thousands of variables.

It is possible to re-train her for new situations.

Adquio Cloud AI

How does it work?

Adquio Cloud AI needs to learn from your facility.

Adquio Cloud AI

About two months of real data are needed for all variables.

With this processed data, we train the AI to recognize the normal operations of your facility.

Once the training is finished, the AI is totally autonomous .

It is capable of detecting abnormal operations at any point in your facility.

Benefits for you?

Once trained, Adquio Cloud AI works for you tirelessly 24 hours a day.

You can count on a professional monitoring service for a fraction of the usual cost.

Scalable to any facility size.

Each building with its own training adapted to your needs.

All your buildings under control in a unified way.

Adquio Cloud AI

What differentiates them?

Everything you already know about Adquio Cloud now with new Artificial Intelligence features, here we explain them to you.

Adquio Cloud AI

Until now you had...

  • Quality Historical Charts
  • SCADAs for remote control in real time
  • Interactive data tables
  • Remote and secure access to your facilities
  • Real-time alarms in your email
  • Fully customizable design

Now you can also enjoy...

  • Automatic anomaly detection
  • Unscheduled automatic alarms
  • Periodic and automatic reports
  • Maintenance schedule for your machines

How is it billed?

You will have the latest generation tools to guarantee the quality of the results of the control, maintenance and management of the energy efficiency of your facility.

Adquio Cloud AI is billed in monthly installments just like Adquio Cloud.

It also has an initial fee for the AI training period.

This period has a different amount depending on the number of variables to be monitored.

You can still use Adquio Cloud without AI.

Adquio Cloud AI