Adquio Ecosystem Training

Welcome to our training section: Here you will find all the necessary information that you must know to be able to get the most out of your Adquio, we encourage you to take any of our courses, and use them as a reference in case you have any doubt.


All our text manuals. You can consult them or if you prefer download them.

Course of Adquio

Complete course to know our controllers and how to use them. All in video.


Complete video presentations of our entire ecosystem, get to know it comfortably.

Commercial articles

We offer you a selection of our articles that you can use as sales arguments.

Adquio Courses

Adquio Web Interface

In this course you will learn how to use the entire Web interface of our Adquio controllers.

Adquio Programming

In this course you will find monographic chapters on Adquio programming.

How to use Adquio Cloud

In this course you will learn how to use the entire interface of Adquio Cloud, our BMS.


Adquio and Adquio Cloud Ecosystem Presentation

Adquio Training: Web Interface

Adquio training: Web Interface Overview.
Adquio training: Variables, Devices and Modules
Adquio training: Modbus devices configuration
Adquio training: BACnet devices configuration
Adquio Web interface: Exporting variables using Modbus TCP
Adquio Training: Scripts
Adquio Training: Alerts
Adquio Course: System
Integrate Casambi installation in Adquio

Adquio Training: Programing

Adquio programming: Connecting with APIs

Adquio Training: Adquio Cloud

Adquio Cloud web interface
Creating graphics in Adquio Cloud
Create a table in Adquio Cloud:
How to create a SCADA: Adquio Cloud Course
How to create Pages and Menus