Setefa official distributor Acquio

Setefa official distributor Acquio

Today we celebrate the signing of a distribution contract with Setefa Group. This group is primarily engaged in the installation of clean pharmaceutical environments. Setefa is currently located in Costa Rica, and provides its services for the country and throughout Central America.

Setefa as official Adquio distributor, has extensive experience, for many years they have designed, built and enabled clean rooms. With their knowledge and innovation, they are experts in the design and production of clean rooms with the latest technology. They are constantly being updated, in regulations and qualifications. Its methodology has a feedback system with the client providing a more personalized service, as well as presentations with plans and 3D designs. They have a global reach.

Adquio is already helping to facilitate the control of all systems and improve accessibility for the company’s technicians. After several installations with resounding success, Setefa signs as Adquio distributor and goes one step further, with this distribution contract that will provide it with greater competitive advantages. We are grateful to Setefa for the trust placed in the Adquio Ecosystem and we hope to continue reaping many more successes working together.


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