Solitec Foundation, Adquio’s New Partner


We are excited to announce Solitec Foundation, a renowned Spanish manufacturer of LED luminaires, as our new strategic partner in Malaga. With 14 years of experience in the design and production of cutting-edge lighting solutions, Solitec Foundation brings a new dimension of innovation and excellence to Adquio’s growing network of partners.

A Brilliant Alliance

The partnership between Adquio and the Solitec Foundation marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration that promises to light the way to a more efficient and sustainable future. Fundación Solitec’s outstanding expertise in LED luminaire manufacturing aligns perfectly with Adquio’s vision to offer cutting-edge solutions to its customers, now also on the control side.

Solitec Foundation: Innovation and Customization in Every Luminaire

Solitec Foundation stands out for its extensive experience in the world of LED applications. From design to production, Fundación Solitec covers all stages of the process, providing the necessary flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each client. Its commitment to quality and efficiency is reflected in its extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art lighting panels and luminaires installed throughout the country.

Mutual Benefits for Adquio and Solitec Foundation

The strategic alliance between Adquio and Fundación Solitec will not only strengthen the presence of both companies in the market, but will also provide significant benefits for their respective operations.

Continuous Innovation: Fundación Solitec ‘s R&D&I expertise , supported by a highly skilled engineering staff, will drive continuous innovation in the development of advanced LED lighting solutions.

2. Exceptional Customization: Solitec Foundation ‘s ability to adapt to specific customer needs will rely on Adquio to offer highly customized lighting control solutions, thus meeting the diversified demands of its customers.

3. Energy Efficiency: Fundación Solitec ‘s LED luminaires not only offer bright lighting, but also stand out for their energy efficiency, aligning with Adquio’s efforts to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

The Bright Future of LED Lighting

With Solitec Foundation as a new partner, Adquio reaffirms its commitment to offer state-of-the-art lighting solutions. This alliance promises not only strong commercial synergy, but also a positive impact on the efficiency, sustainability and aesthetics of LED lighting.

Together, Adquio and Solitec Foundation will light the way to a brighter and more efficient future, offering customized solutions that go beyond conventional lighting. Welcoming Solitec Foundation as a new partner marks the beginning of an exciting era of innovation and collaboration in the world of LED lighting.

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