We present Adquio server, new product

Adquio server

We present Adquio server, new product

Today we present with great pleasure our new product Adquio Server , with which we close the circle of programmable controllers for the control of all types of installations, from the smallest to the largest, such as a university campus with all its buildings.

As you can already read on the product page, this new Adquio is only software, the hardware part is chosen according to the needs of each project.

As you already know, Adquio can manage thousands of variables concurrently. But when this number exceeds 1,500 or 2,000 variables, and depending on the changes in their values, the Adquio controllers are no longer suitable. For this reason, this new product was born, which is capable of managing tens or hundreds of thousands of variables. As we said above, this is suitable when we need to control, for example, the lighting of a building at the level of Casambi or DALI light points, or for an installation where there are tens or hundreds of premises, each with its own lighting, air conditioning, management of consumption, etc.

In these scenarios we make intensive use of our technology for distributed installations , installing controllers in the areas where they are needed, and centralizing all of them in Adquio server. This gives you even more flexibility, being able to tackle projects of any size without worrying that your control system will ‘outcome’.

As you can see, we continue to work to continue offering you not only the best service, but also the products best suited to your needs.

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