What do I miss if I do not have Adquio connected to the internet?

What do I miss if I do not have Adquio connected to the internet?

Today a client has asked you this question and has made you reflect on the importance of being connected to the internet to be able to enjoy its most outstanding characteristics.

You explain that the acquisition was born as a product connected to the internet, and therefore if it is not, it loses part of its most interesting functions, you list them:

Automatic security updates.

Adquio will not download and install automatic security updates that make it a very safe controller, as there is never any pending security updates.

Automatic update of functionalities.

Your Adquio will stay with the features it had on the day you install it, it will not improve over time as usual in a connected purchase.

Historical data storage

You will not be able to store the data of your installation to consult them later, therefore you will be left without this interesting function.

Remote control of the installation from anywhere

You will not be able to remotely monitor or control your installation, once you have this function available you no longer want to do without it.

Gateway to your controllers from other brands

When you request a change or an update in the drivers that you have installed from other brands, I will have to come here or send someone with a laptop to be able to do it and that will have a cost.

Unattended automatic backups

Adquio will not be able to make automatic backup copies of all the configuration of your installation, you will have to make the copies manually by connecting Adquio with a laptop.

Possibility of modifying the Adquio scripts remotely.

If you ask me for a change in the Adquio software I will have to come here to do it for you. It will take longer and I will have to charge the trip.

Receive alarms by email

You will not be able to receive alarms from your installation in your email, neither you nor I. When a machine malfunctions we will not know until it fails completely.

Your client tells you:

“Stop stop, don’t tell me anymore, you’ve convinced me!”

You propose options to connect your installation, although it is impossible to get there a network cable with internet.

Finally you install a 3g modem, with a small router that provides a network connection. Fortunately, now there are many mobile operators, who offer rates with unlimited gigabytes, you put one of those rates, and their installation is connected.

You also tell him that Adquio is especially good at managing internet outages, and not to worry if the cellular connection fails on time, because Adquio is prepared for this, and will store the data and upload it to Adquio Cloud when the connection is reestablished.

Even in the most difficult situations there are always options to be able to connect to the internet, your client will enjoy all the functions, you will have the work much easier and you will be more efficient responding to their requests.

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